How to choose best meeting space in Dublin?

Your choice of location for holding a meeting reflects on your business. First impressions really matter so if you don’t have adequate space in your own facilities renting a meeting in Dublin can be a really worthwhile investment. So when you are choosing a meeting room in Dublin what factors should you consider?

Location: ease of access and convenience for all is one of the key elements in selecting your venue. Traffic congestion is a serious problem for some meeting rooms in Dublin – to be avoided so attendees don’t arrive late and stressed! So think of ease of access and avoid known busy routes. Also good parking facilities are a requirement – parking that is too far from the venue, needing to pay for parking or circling for spaces can lead to unnecessary delays and inconvenience.

Suitability: one other question that is of considerable relevance is whether the venue suits the requirements – is it more a question of seeking a meeting room or a meeting venue? If it is a small gathering of 4 delegates a large conference venue would be far from ideal, similarly if there are a large number of delegates the venue should provide a space that the delegates can move around comfortably and view the speaker. Lighting is an important factor too when choosing – the glare from a window giving you a headache and making your screen illegible is to be avoided. Similarly temperature control is essential – and ideally the meeting room should be equipped with individual air temperature control to avoid warm sleepy guests or chilled delegates!

Cost: In the eyes of a potential client or customer, the care you take over a meeting could illustrate the care you take over service so whilst the cost of the meeting room is important it is not the only factor to consider. The hire cost of meeting rooms in Dublin has become more competitive and it is definitely worth shopping around various meeting venues Dublin to make sure you receive the best quotes possible. Rooms are often available by the hour, half day or full day so you can limit use to when you really need it.

Facilities: when choosing your venue do keep in mind that hungry or thirsty attendees will simply not concentrate properly! Furthermore the break periods can often provide the time for social interaction that is essential in getting a deal clinched or a concept grasped. A nice restaurant environment to break for lunch, good rest rooms facilities (including wheelchair accessible) and services such as free WIFI for email review during the breaks are fundamental when choosing a venue. The option of good quality accommodation when choosing among meeting rooms is an important consideration if there are delegates that have traveled to attend.

So when choosing a meeting room in Dublin check out the meeting rooms at the Metro Hotel Dublin Airport and check for yourself if we tick all the boxes!

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