Farewell, Greg!

Yet again it’s time for us to say goodbye to one of our dear colleagues, Greg. After all these years you’ve worked with us at the Metro Hotel, it’s so hard to imagine that you won’t be part of the team from next week. While saying farewell to you, our minds have been flooded with mixed feelings. We are delighted to see you joining a new venture, but at the same time it’s saddening to see you leave.

Your relationship with us all has been exceptional, we will all miss your motivational speeches and lectures about the importance of Customer Service! Personally, your support and encouragement always came when I needed it the most. You were someone I looked up to and you were the one I could approach with the silliest of difficulties. You always had the answers (or, well, you sounded like you did anyway!) You were the best critic, honest friend, reliable teammate and dependable colleague. Thank you.

We know that more than anything you will miss Samuel’s scrambled eggs, so we promise you that whenever you wish to pop in for breakfast, we will look after you and let you continue doing the “quality testing”! We also promise to continue looking after Charlie & Ant for you, especially on Thursdays! We’ll also water your non-existent plants for you and all that… We were planning to throw you an amazing bash next month and shower you with a lot of expensive gifts to tell what a wonderful colleague you are, but you are leaving. So let us know if you change your mind! Ha-ha.

Cheers to the time we have worked together. We wish you all good things in life. Stay in touch.

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