Bye-bye, Maria!

Maria - her true self!

On Friday, 5th July, we are saying farewell to our lovely Front Office and HR Manager Maria McDonnell. Maria has been with us at the Metro Hotel since the day we opened, she is a truly amazing person, and therefore we’ve decided to dedicate a whole blog post just to her!

Maria – one of things that we have always looked forward to at work was having a cracker of a day with you around. Now that you are leaving, some of us are going to have to look for another partner in crime! You are the rock star every hotel needs. You are the super worker that every company wants. You are the loyal colleague that every employee would kill for. We are all glad you are at peace with your decision to move on, but we are sad to see you leave.

"Charlies Angels" :) - all broken up now...

We hope that the friendships you have made over the last 7 years will not be forgotten, and we want to thank you for touching our lives the way you have.

You know too well that we wish you nothing but the best!

PS! Note to all guests, ex-colleagues, suppliers and friends – she’s still here until the 5th so feel free to pop in and give her a hug (don’t forget the presents, of course! ha-ha)!

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