Advantages of booking directly on our website

Although there are many places where you can make a reservation in our hotel, the best is to book your room directly through our own website. Why?

  • The lowest rates available. Quite often third party websites and online travel agents charge additional fees and charges that are cleverly hidden. Hotel packages that you find on our website have no hidden fees attached, all taxes are shown up front. Not only that – we are delighted to guarantee the best available rate on our own website and we’ll give you a free night should you find a cheaper rate elsewhere!
  • Up to date information and images of the hotel. You can easily find out all you are looking for about the local amenities, take a virtual tour in the hotel and get detailed directions.
  • Confidence. You can be sure that your reservation will not be lost between a third party and a hotel.
  • Everything just the way you like  it. We are here to give you all the pre-arrival assistance you might need, doing our best to meet all your special requests and  preferences.
  • Get more personalized experience. Large travel agencies will never be able to compete with the personalized service that you get when you book your hotel on the hotel’s own website.
  • Total security and privacy. We are using high security measures to protect your online transactions.
  • Live guest reviews displayed on our website will give you guest’s opinions and thoughts so you will know exactly what to expect.

As you can see there are plenty of reasons to book a room directly on our website. Travel smart and don’t miss out on any of the benefits we have to offer!

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