2012 Irish Paralympic Team

London 2012 has been a great success for Ireland so far. We all at the Metro Hotel are now very much looking forward to The 2012 Paralympic Games that commence Wednesday, 29 August 2012. Many athletes of 2012 Irish Paralympic Team are familiar to us, staying in the Metro Hotel very often Рour very own hopes for London 2012!

Commenting on the Irish Paralympic Team’s performance goals at London2012, Paralympic Performance Director, Nancy Chillingworth, said, “The Irish Team aim to achieve great personal and collective success at the Games. The performances of the athletes in the qualification phase demonstrate that the performance targets for the Irish team of five medals and fifteen finalists set by the Beijing Review are realistic and achievable. We’ve planned meticulously to ensure the correct environment is in place around each athlete at the Games to facilitate their optimum performance.”

The 2012 Irish Paralympic Team is heading to Portugal tomorrow, on August 16th for the ISC Pre-Games Holding Camp. The team will then travel directly from Portugal to take their place in the Paralympic Village in London on the 24th August in advance of the opening ceremony on the 29th August.

We are wishing you all the best of luck!

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