Traveling with kids

Nothing beats a great holiday with the family. When traveling with kids there are some simple things you can do to make your family vacation as fun and stress-free as possible.

Whether it’s short break in Dublin or the night before flying away on an eagerly-awaited foreign trip, a hotel that offers key benefits is a big hit with parents and kids alike. Find the right hotel for your family. The best way to get privacy for you and comfort and safety for your kids is to ensure the hotel offers interconnecting rooms or Family rooms. It’s good to go for a room with a living space where you can enjoy some great time on your own. We at the Metro Hotel offer it all – lovely and bright Family rooms, Suites with separate living area and interconnected rooms.

Notify the hotel of your special requests. Need to use a camp bed, high chair or a cot?  You sure would not want to carry it all with you while on a vacation. To make your arrival stress-free and quick, it’s a good idea to let the hotel know beforehand. We like to be ready for you!

If you are flying, check the validity of your passports. Be sure they’re good for 3 months after the day of your arrival home. Many people make the mistake of thinking that as long as they’re back home before their passports expire they’ll be fine. (It seems like common sense doesn’t it?) But not so. Authorities will often demand that your passport be good for several weeks — even several months for some countries — past the day of your arrival home. Some airlines will not let you board the plane if there is not enough extra time on your passport

Have a plan for the day. It doesn’t need to be cast in stone – stay flexible and easy going — but you should walk out the hotel door in the morning with a plan of where you’re going, what bus you’re taking and what attractions would you like to see. Ask your hotel receptionist for suggestions. An obvious one that a lot of people nonetheless might skip. If you are not familiar with the area, someone who knows a little tips and tricks for getting around the city and visiting attractions can make your life a lot easier. Our staff at the Metro Hotel is always happy to give you some great advice along with informative brochures and maps. Don’t do too much BUT don’t do too little either. I think the biggest mistake parents traveling with kids make is doing too little OR too much. Get out there. Enjoy. Experience. But don’t kill the excitement.

Capture the moments. Holidays are the perfect time with your family and friends. Why not capture the whole “story” of your holidays from packing to unpacking, all these moments you would want to remember long after arriving back home. It’s always good to be careful – photos are of your unique holiday are something you don’t want to lose. Forget your bag on the train platform or in a busy shop and there goes your camera — and your photos. Store your pictures online or save them on a back-up device! If you don’t have a laptop with you on your trip, some hotels (yes, including the Metro Hotel Dublin Airport) offer an option to use a public computer. It will take only few minutes to store your photos somewhere safe and secure.

When traveling with kids there are never too many snacks. Snacks are a good way to get children through times when they need to sit still or just aren’t behaving (boarding a plane, for example). Also ensure the hotel you are staying provides access to refreshments 24/7. You and the kids will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a favorite treat whenever they feel like it. It is even better if there is a refrigerator to store all that in the room. All our Suites in the Metro Hotel have a mini-kitchenette with a fridge, you can stock up and have it all handy!

Internet connection for older children to use. Most modern youngsters will be keen to keep in touch with their friends even while they’re on holiday. Modern family friendly hotels with wireless broadband access mean they can access their favorite social networking or entertainment websites. And of course, reliable Internet access is a boon when you need to make last minute travel arrangements, check email or plan a day out.

Let the good times roll. First and foremost, have fun and be happy, live in the moment and take everything in that you can!

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