Happy Holidays!

As Christmas holiday time is here at the Metro Hotel we’ve come up with some great travel tips to make your flight and travel stress free! Happy flying!

Show Up Early – it is worth it! Spending time at airport is not fun – but if you get there early you avoid that sensation of slowly mounting panic as you see the check in queues, it means you are not tempted to shove past slow Grannies on the walk way and you will restrain yourself from cheeking the security police as they ask you to walk through the bleeper for the 7th time… book a room with us at the Metro and your travel time to the airport is speedy. If you’re close to the airport save time and money by booking our Park and Fly.

Be prepared – online check in: it is easy to forget – or put off – or avoid! You’ll be so pleased that you have when you arrive at the airport and saunter past the queue of people who wished they’d been as wise at you! Here at the Metro we have two dedicated pc’s with printers – make it easy!

Sacrifice the lie in (or stay with us!) – early flights are much less likely to be delayed – so book that red-eye flight and save the snoozing for when on board – or stay with us and enjoy the extra precious bed minutes and an on-time departure!

Pack cleverly: we all know how rage inducing it is to be asked to weigh/ measure/ squeeze our bags into the steel bag holders – but they are here to stay! So avoid that fear of being spotted by the staff as you try to casually saunter past with your massive rucksack – pack light and travel easy. Hand baggage really does need to be small and organized – know the liquid rules and follow them – instead of waving goodbye to your lovely posh perfume or aftershave! Our luggage weighing machine at reception will mean the piling on of 17 extra jumpers will be done with us rather than the airline staff watching!

Follow the polite plane rules!: Board, store and sit! If you are one of the first to board there’ll be plenty of room for that (well packed!) bag. If you’re a solo traveler be nice – change seats for that hot and hassled Mum/Dad with kids who didn’t follow our tips…It may be your turn one day! Aim to be that perfect passenger – listen to the safety demo (an occasional yawn is understandable for seasoned travelers), recline your seat only if you really have to, remember you’re on a plane not in a pub (enjoying an on board tipple is one thing, entering a sky-based party zone is another!) and finally, respect personal space (if you are lucky enough to have long legs don’t share them with your short legged fellow passengers).

And most of all ENJOY!!! Happy holiday travelling from all of us at the Metro Hotel!

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